What you need to know

Beaches are not guarded

Lifeguards  and  security  personnel  are Rarely  stationed  at  beachs. If  you  plan  on Visit  a  beach, do  not  leave  your  belonging Unattended  at  any  time, and  keep a  close Eye  on  children.


Bottled water is a must

Tap  water  is  not  safe  to  drink  at  hotels, restaurants  and  all  other  locales  in  madagascar, meaning  you’ll  need  to  drink  bottle  water  at  all  times.

You’ll  also  want  to  avoid  ice  in  drinks  unless  it’s  been made  from  filtered  water.

Malaria is prevalent

Local  mosquitoes  may  carry  malaria, so   bring long-sleeved  clothing, insect  repellent  with  DEET (a chemical  that  limits  mosquitoes’ ability  to  smell  you) and  anti-malaria  medication, which  can  be  obtained  from  your doctor.


Cash reigns supreme

Few  restaurants, shops  and  hotels  accept  credit  cards  in  madagascar, so  bring  Malagasy  ariary  with  you  or  withdraw  some  from a  local  ATM to  pay  for  goods  and  services.